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on the CAPS program (BELOW) to find the part number using your aircraft make and model.
Computerized Aircraft Parts System

Aeromech, Inc. offers competitively priced general aviation and homebuilt aircraft parts and pilot supplies to aircraft maintenance shops, aircraft owners, pilots, aircraft parts departments and homebuilders. Using our Computerized Aircraft Parts System, "CAPS", your aircraft part number is found quick and easy! Aircraft tools, Cessna aircraft parts and Piper aircraft parts, aircraft cleaners, aviation instruments, aircraft landing gear parts and aircraft brake parts, electrical components, aircraft engine parts and gaskets are also stocked at our aircraft parts supply store.

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CAPS was designed and is intended to be used as a guide only to aid in finding the part numbers needed for your application. The part numbers provided are derived from factory specifications of your aircraft and may not provide correct part numbers for any modified aircraft including STC's, Field Approvals or any other modifications. Aeromech, Inc. will not be held liable for any misrepresentations, errors or omissions of information contained in this program. In accordance with FAR 91.403 it is the responsibility of the installer/owner operator to confirm the use of the correct part and its installation. 2014 Aeromech, Inc./CAPS All rights reserved.

Any documents or diagrams found within this website are intended to supplement the manufacturer's manuals. This information is not intended to replace any manufacturer publication or product catalog.

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