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Pull the forked end of the shaft through the shimmy damper housing until the hole is open on the opposite end.
Pour a small amount of
5606 hydraulic fluid in the hole (2 ounces.)
Push the shaft back
through the housing until it stops.
Remove the snap ring on the end of
the housing.

Now, hold the housing with the fork end down and the shaft up.
Do this
over a trash can, it's messy.
Hit the shaft with a plastic or brass
hammer several times.
Keep the forked end of the shaft pushed all the
way into the housing when doing this or you will damage the inner snap ring.
You are using the fluid inside to push the end cap (cap is under
the snap) out of the housing.
This may take several hits, be careful
not to damage the shaft end.

Once the end cap is out, remove the inner snap ring.
Slide the shaft
and piston out of the housing.
Remove the o-ring in the end of the
housing and replace with new o-ring.
Lay the shaft and piston on a
table and with a roll pin punch, remove the piston by removing the roll pin.
Slide the piston off the shaft.
Now slide the end cap off the
shaft and remove the o-ring in the end cap.
Install new o-ring in the
end cap and a new o-ring on the outside of the end cap.
Slide the end cap back on the shaft.
Slide the piston back
on the shaft.
Install the roll pin.
Reinstall the shaft in the
housing, reinstall inner snap ring.
Push end cap into the housing and
install external snap ring.

Now pull fork end of shaft all the way out
of the housing and fill through the open hole on the opposite end.
sure to exercise the shaft through the full range of movement several times to remove all air trapped inside.
Keep filling with fluid until
the housing is full and no air is felt when exercising the shaft through the range of travel.

Please check the scissor links for any movement.
If any movement is
felt, shim the scissor links or the shimmy damper will not last long.

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cessna 172 shimmy dampner
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