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Aircraft Electrical Parts
Part Number Description *Price Click on picture
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152-0007 Cessna Strobe Power Supply - 12 volt View Price 152-0007 cessna aircraft strobe power supply
152-0010 Cessna Strobe Power Supply - 24 volt View Price 152-0010 cessna aircraft strobe power supply
2N3055 Dimmer Transistor View Price 2n3055 dimmer transistor
S1904-2 Cessna Rheostat View Price s1904-2 cessna rheostat
S2091-3 Cessna Resistor View Price s2091-3 cessna resistor
S2519-1 Low Voltage Light, 14v View Price s2519-2 high voltage light
S2519-2 High Voltage Light, 28v View Price
A350CNIWBKSH28V Post Light View Price a350cniwbksh28v post light
6041H105 Battery Relay Piper part number 455-151 has a vendor part number 6041H105A listed in the Piper Parts Manual. We have received confirmation from Eaton Aerospace (the manufacturer of the relay) that part number 6041H105 is the same relay in form, fit and function. View Price Piper 455-151 Battery Relay 6041H105
111-138D Cessna S1991A1 Starter Contactor View Price 111-138d starter contactor
8781-9 Cessna S1580A1 Battery Contactor View Price 8781-9 battery contactor
110-317 ELT Antenna View Price 110-317 ELT Antenna

Part Number Description *Price Click on picture
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MSPS-103C RED Push-To-Talk Switch - Red View Price msps-103c red push to talk switch
MSPS-103C0 BLACK Push-To-Talk Switch - Black View Price msps-103c0 black push to talk switch
TA201TW-B Cessna Rocker Switch View Price ta201tw-b cessna rocker switch
TTGC-TA201TW-B Cessna Double Rocker Switch View Price ttgc-ta201tw-b cessna double rocker switch
V7-1C17E9-201 Flap Micro Switch View Price v7-1c17e9-201 flap micro switch
S1906-1 Cessna V3L-3 Roller Switch View Price s1906-1 cessna roller switch
*Aircraft Electrical Parts prices shown above are subject to change without notice.

Wire Terminals
Part Number Description *Price Click on picture
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F4-14 Wire Terminal #2 wire 1/4" hole View Price f4-14 wire terminals
F4-516 Wire Terminal #2 wire 5/16" hole View Price f4-516 wire terminals
G2-14 Wire Terminal 1/4" hole View Price g2-14 wire terminals
G2-516 Wire Terminal #2 wire 5/16" hole View Price g2-516 wire terminals
*Aircraft Electrical Parts prices shown above are subject to change without notice.

Static Wicks/Dischargers
Part Number Description *Price Click on picture
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C592001-0201 Static Wick or Discharger View Price c592001-0201 static wick
16630 Static Wick or Discharger View Price 16630 static wick
16920 Static Wick or Discharger View Price 16920 static wick
SW10-96 Static Wick or Discharger View Price sw10-96 static wick

Circuit Breakers and Caps
Part Number Description *Price Click on picture
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7271-8-10 Circuit Breaker 10 amp View Price 7271-8-10 aircraft circuit breaker
7271-8-5 Circuit Breaker 5 amp View Price 7271-8-5 aircraft circuit breaker
7271-8-7.5 Circuit Breaker 7.5 amp View Price 7277-2-8-7.5 aircraft circuit breaker
7277-2-10 Circuit Breaker 10 amp View Price 7277-2-10 aircraft circuit breaker
7277-2-20 Circuit Breaker 20 amp View Price 7277-2-20 aircraft circuit breaker
7277-2-5 Circuit Breaker - 5 amp Klixon View Price 7277-2-5 circuit breaker
W23X1A1G-25 Circuit Breaker - 25 amp
CB-2325A, 454660
View Price w23x1a1g-25 circuit breaker
W23X1A1G-10 Circuit Breaker, 10 amp
CB-2310A, 454657
View Price w23x1a1g-10 aircraft circuit breaker
W23X1A1G-15 Circuit Breaker, 15 amp
CB-2315A, 454658
View Price w23x1a1g-15
W23X1A1G-2 Circuit Breaker, 2 amp
View Price w23x1a1g-2 aircraft circuit breaker
W23X1A1G-20 Circuit Breaker, 20 amp
CB-2320A, 454659
View Price Aircraft Circuit Breaker
W23X1A1G-30 Circuit Breaker, 30 amp
CB2330A, 454661
View Price w23x1a1g-30 aircraft circuit breaker
W23X1A1G-5 Circuit Breaker, 5 amp
CB-2305A, S-1232-5, 454656
View Price w23x1a1g-5 aircraft circuit breaker
W23X1A1G-50 Circuit Breaker, 50 amp
CB-2350A, 454662
View Price w23x1a1g-50 aircraft circuit breaker
W58XC4C12A-1 Circuit Breaker - 1 amp
431-201-101, S-1360-1A
View Price w58xc4c12a-1 circuit breaker
W58XC4C12A-10 Circuit Breaker, 10 amp
435-210-101, S1360-10, 454669
View Price w58xc4c12a-10 aircraft circuit breaker
W58XC4C12A-15 Circuit Breaker, 15 amp
4.5-215-101, S1360-15, 454670
View Price w58xc4c12a-15 aircraft circuit breaker
W58XC4C12A-2 Circuit Breaker, 2 amp
431-202-101, S-1360-2A
View Price w58xc4c12a-2 aircraft circuit breaker
W58XC4C12A-30 Circuit Breaker, 30 amp
435-230-101, S1360-30
View Price w58xc4c12a-30 aircraft circuit breaker
W58XC4C12A-5 Circuit Breaker, 5 amp
435-205-101, S-1360-5
View Price w58xc4c12a-5 aircraft circuit breaker
7773-YELLOW Circuit Breaker Button Cap View Price 7773-yellow circuit breaker button cap
7773-RED Circuit Breaker Button Cap View Price 7773-red circuit breaker button cap
7773-GREEN Circuit Breaker Button Cap View Price 7773-green circuit breaker button cap
Aeromech has a large selection of aircraft electrical parts in stock. We carry circuit breakers, micro switches, roller switches, push-to-talk switches and more. We stock the most common aircraft electrical parts, however, special orders are always welcome. We also offer competitively priced general aviation aircraft parts and supplies through our aircraft parts supply store as well as online ordering. We supply owner/operators, pilots, flight schools, FBO's and aircraft maintenance shops. Try out CAPS (Computerized Aircraft Parts System) and find out how easy it is to look up your part number by your aircraft make and model.

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