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Shown: Light weight aircraft starter.
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149-NL Light Weight Aircraft Starter
by Sky-Tec

Aero Commander - Aerospatiale
American Aviation - American General
Aviat Aircraft - Beagle - Beech
Bellanca - Brittan Norman
Cessna - Champion - Enstrom
Gulfstream American/Grumman
Lake - Meyers - Mooney
Partenavia - Piper
View Price 149-nl skytec lightweight aircraft starter
C12ST3 Light Weight Aircraft Starter
by Sky-Tec

Beech - Bellanca - Cessna
Maule - Meyers -
- Piper
View Price c12st3 skytec lightweight aircraft starter
C24ST3 Light Weight Aircraft Starter
by Sky-Tec
Aero Commander - Beech
Cessna - Cirrus
Mooney - Piper
View Price c24st3 skytec aircraft lightweight starter
PM1201 Light Weight Aircraft Starter, 12V
by Lamar

View Price light weight aircraft starter
*Light weight aircraft starter prices shown above are subject to change without notice.

Kelly Aerospace Starter Part Number & Letter Identification

If Unit Begins With Then Unit Is If Unit Ends With Then Unit Is
Factory Rebuilt/Overhauled
Factory New

Application Cross Reference for Lycoming Engines 235 through 540 Series
PM1203 Special Order MZ-4204 Special Order 76210
PM1201 View Price MZ-4205 Special Order 76213
PM1201 View Price MZ-4206 Special Order 76211
N/A MZ-4207 Special Order 75699
N/A MZ-4208 Special Order 75787
PM1204 Special Order MZ-4216 Special Order LW-10556
PM1201 View Price MZ-4217 Special Order LW-14209
PM1201 View Price MZ-4218 Special Order LW-14207
N/A MZ-4219 Special Order LW-14211
PM1204 Special Order MZ-4220 Special Order LW-14215
PM1201 View Price MZ-4221 Special Order LW-15573
* PM1201 View Price MZ-4222 Special Order LW-15571
N/A MZ-4223 Special Order LW-15575
PM1202 Special Order MZ-4224 Special Order LW-16460
PM1201 View Price MZ-4225 Special Order LW-18047
PM1201 View Price MZ-4226 Special Order LW-18989
PM2401 Special Order MHB-4019 Special Order LW-15574
N/A MHJ-4004 Special Order 77879
PM2401 Special Order MHB-4001 Special Order 76212
N/A MHB-4002 Special Order 75700
PM2401 Special Order MHB-4003 Special Order 76214
N/A MHB-4005 Special Order 78791
PM2401 Special Order MHB-4007 Special Order LW-11936
PM2401 Special Order MHB-4008 Special Order LW-12023
PM2404 Special Order MHB-4009 Special Order LW-12159
PM2401 Special Order MHB-4010 Special Order LW-14208
N/A MHB-4011 Special Order LW-14212
PM2401 Special Order MHB-4012 Special Order LW-14210
PM2402 Special Order MHB-4013 Special Order LW-14213
PM2404 Special Order MHB-4014 Special Order LW-14214
PM2403 Special Order MHB-4015 Special Order LW-15483
PM2401 Special Order MHB-4016 Special Order LW-15572
N/A MHB-4017 Special Order LW-15576
PM2402 Special Order MHB-4018 View Price LW-15577
PM2401 Special Order MHB-4020 Special Order LW-18990
PM2403 Special Order MMU-4001 Special Order LW-16207
* Not for use on Lycoming IO-360 A series engines.
Aeromech has a large selection of light weight aircraft starters in stock. We stock the most common light weight aircraft starters for Lycoming engines and Continental engines including Skytec 149-NL, Skytec C12ST3, Skytec C24ST3. Special orders are always welcome. We also offer competitively priced general aviation aircraft parts and supplies through our aircraft parts supply store as well as online ordering. We supply owner/operators, pilots, flight schools, FBO's and aircraft maintenance shops.

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